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We've got one focus and only one focus.  Families. 


Once upon a time, effective family law representation was limited to handling custody disputes and divorces.    Not anymore.  While many firms still practice within a more traditional family law framework, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box.

We're here for you in the courtroom.  At school.  In the hospital.  And at life's other critical moments.


Where expert legal knowledge, timely decisions, bold advocacy, and tenacious strategy aren't mere optional add-ons when it comes to protecting for the most important people in your world.

With a decade of experience in high conflict litigation, high stakes negotiations, political and public policy leadership in specific to the protection of  parent and child rights, our firm offers representation in the following core areas:


Family Law

Juvenile Law

Education Law

Disability Law / Patient Rights

Crisis Family Intervention(s)

More broadly, here's what these categories can mean in our partnership with you.

FAMILY LAW. Life is about new chapters.  We'll help you find yours. No two cases are the same and whenever possible, our starting place is one of respect and transparent negotiation, with the goal of settling in advance of, our outside of, a contested trial. Jessica is a trained mediator and she also frequently handles collaborative law cases for spouses determined to end their marriages without ugliness. For our proactive clients, we regularly draft, amend and interpret premarital, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements. Fortunately, even when compromise just isn't possible or desirable, we'll lead the way into court.  To date, we have handled more than two-hundred contested hearings.

FORENSIC EVALUATIONS / HIGH ASSET DIVISION OF COMPLEX MARITAL ESTATES. For many of our clients, the financial decisions we help them make at the time of divorce have a greater impact on their financial futures than any other decision they'll ever make as adults. To determine what is right for you and your family, you need to get the facts.  And often, it is when the other side's material case facts are exposed that we find cases are most capable of favorable out-of-court settlement.  For clients who have a lot on the financial line, we develop cost-effective, customized investigative strategies,  through which we partner with top experts in the fields of vocational evaluation, property valuation (real property/personal property; business valuation, stock valuation; future interest; trust valuation); disability investigations (SSI/SSDI); and utilization of forensic accounting techniques.

TIME SPECIFIC REPRESENTATION IN (EMERGENCY AND FORTHWITH) LITIGATION MATTERS AND ADMINISTRATIVE COURT PROCEEDINGSWe will be there when every second matters.  In Courts across Colorado, we represent parents seeking (or facing) emergency court intervention on a broad array of child-specific matters, including but not limited to the following: emergency motions to restrict parenting time; emergency protection orders; unsolicited and solicited law enforcement investigations of fatal and non-fatal child abuse and child sex abuse; allegations of domestic/international child abduction; allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome; time-sensitive resolution of co-parent disputes over decisions related to emergency mental health matters (mental health holds; suicide intervention; medication disputes); parent disputes over a child's sexual orientation/identity, school selection, religion, vaccinations and much more.

ADOPTION & GUARDIANSHIP. There is nothing more powerful or life-affirming than watching our clients swear an oath to be a child's "forever" parent.  We handle contested and non-contested adoption cases, including but not limited to grandparent adoption, stepparent adoption, kinship placement, temporary/long-term guardianship, and foster-to-adopt placement.  We also handle medically-necessary emergency and permanent guardianship of adults.
JUVENILE COURT (DHS/CPS INVESTIGATIONS, PRE-FILING AND POST-FILING REPRESENTATION). For parents facing Department of Human Services/CPS investigations, there can be no scarier knock on the door than that of a government caseworker.  We assist families in addressing immediate concerns over "protective capacity" and we are well versed in cycles and challenges associated with a loved one's attempts at substance abuse recovery.  Maybe you're a parent seeking emergency/detox assistance, or perhaps you're a grandparent conflicted between the desire to protect your adult child and her own child. We take great pride in helping our clients find viable emergency and longterm resources for substance abuse/detox, sober living facilities, and post-incarceration sobriety and employment resources.
PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS IN OUR SCHOOLS, IN PUBLIC PLACES AND IN HEALTHCARE. Gone are the days when misbehavior of a child would earn, at worst, suspension from school.  A record number of students are being criminally charged for non-physical altercations. Too often, students are summoned for court over their offensive--but constitutionally protected--speech.  We are passionate defenders of ideological diversity and free speech.  Especially in our classrooms and on our campuses.

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