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Conflict Resolution Done Right.

It's a fact.  Taking a case to trial guarantees one specific outcome each and every time.  A stranger (whether a judge or a jury) will decide your fate.  Thus, as we always advise clients, a key to maintaining control of your case entails taking pre-trial negotiations seriously.  

Across Colorado, our courts are adopting a more proactive approach concerning alternative dispute resolution ("ADR").   Translation: anticipate that you will be required to attend (most often, in person) at least one mediation session.  In addition, many contracts require parties to engage in mandatory arbitration, mediation or a combination model known as Med-Arb.  


Over the years, we've successfully negotiated on behalf of hundreds of clients.   While compromise is inevitably painful in most cases, it's almost always a lot less painful than an ugly courtroom battle.  When it comes to settlement agreement drafting, it's critical that you have a lawyer that knows what he or she is doing.

Fortunately, you've come to the right place.  Whether you're looking for unbundled legal services (such as having an attorney review an already-drafted mediation agreement, a neutral mediator, or a detailed review of your agreement to ensure that your rights are fully known and protected, we can help.


Our sessions start at just $500 for a half-day session, hosted at our office or an alternative agreed upon alternative location.  Payment due at time of session. 

We can assist you in all aspects of the ADR process, including but not limited to drafting of all applicable agreements and pleadings.  We handle civil, administrative, domestic and criminal negotiations, including QDRO's, confidentiality (NDR) agreements, separation agreements, parenting plan, pre/post-nuptual (and cohabitation) agreements, and estate document drafting. 

You will always have a licensed attorney to guide you through mediation, both during your session and afterwards.  We pride ourselves upon utilizing paralegal assistance, where possible, to keep costs as low as possible with regard to completion of the ADR process, including filing of mediation certificate(s) or handling of basic procedural obligations if your case is already in court.

To set up your mediation session, you can inquire online here

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