6/17/19: We are excited to announce Jessica's appointment to the new Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force, where she will advocate from her subcommittee post for improved individual outcomes and material changes to the way we deliver public and private mental health services to children across the state. In this capacity, we welcome you to share the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to your family's efforts to obtain timely access to youth residential mental health

treatment and/or critical out-patient services. 

6/04/19: Where do kids go when they make credible threats to kill? Too often, they're returned home and sent back to school, without any warning as to their homicidal aspirations.  As we explain here to NBC, current mechanisms to protect homicidal kids and those around them (such as the "safe to tell" reporting system or existing procedures for involuntary mental health holds) too often fail to protect those involved. The goal: to identify and treat homicidal kids, insisting that their families get the support they need to avoid the tragic loss of life, like what happened here in Colorado Springs in 2018 when a homicidal teen was released from treatment and ushered back to his family without proper safeguards in place.

5/22/19: It's hard to believe that more than a decade has passed since we first advocated (via The Denver Post editorial page here, and here) for the release of Colorado's  Erik Jensen from a life sentence otherwise found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court several years ago.   At the conclusion of an emotional hearing before Douglas County District Court this month, Erik has finally been re-sentenced to 40-years-to-life. As legal advisor to Erik's parents, Curt and Pat Jensen, we are now exploring further legislative and administrative relief not only for Erik, but for all of Colorado's 40 + inmates serving life sentences for offenses committed before they were adults. Erik has his own terrific legal counsel, and we are honored to support their efforts by generating greater public awareness about this tireless campaign and its cautious optimism about prospects of Erik's future release.

5/4/19: We represent a coalition of Arapahoe High School parents, students and teachers, all seeking change of leadership after no less than eight student suicides since the on-campus murder of Claire Davis.  Members also want answers after two teacher arrests in the last three months, where both face allegations of sex assault on AHS students. Click here for the latest from FOX 31 on AHSCC's call for resignation of the AHS's current principal.  Here's an NBC report summarizing the coalition's core concerns and demands.

If you are an AHS stakeholder, you can visit here to complete the coalition's community survey.  As Westword reports, more than 1,200 students, parents, and teachers have offered their input.  This contrasts with a prior recent climate survey distributed directly by the school district, in which stakeholder responses, by contrast, were abysmal.

2/10/19: The New York Times tackles the controversies surrounding the national "Free The Nipple" litigation movement.  After the New Hampshire Supreme Court recently struck a blow to the cause (to the ire of feminists and breast-feeding mothers across America), we're proud to be part of the legal team successfully championing the cause before a federal court closer to home.  As also featured by the Times, you can read our case pleadings here.  Legal commentators are now asking: with a conflict between district courts, could this battle head to the U.S. Supreme Court?


1/23/19: Westword features our fight to protect the parenting rights of a Denver client, a young mother of one, caught on the wrong side of  a murder case with which she had nothing to do.

January, 2019: 5280 Magazine's Robert Sanchez tells the complex story of our young client, Jamel Myles, a nine-year-old Denver boy who took his life during the first week of his fourth grade school year.  Included in this well sourced feature are critical questions raised by our firm and others as to the mistreatment of Jamel and his family by child protection agencies and administrators within the Denver Public Schools.

Given Jamel's young age, as CNN and USA Today report, this case and others like it should challenge our collective assumptions about youth suicide.  Jamel's mother spoke to  Yahoo News in December, 2018, about Jamel's legacy and his family's efforts to awaken our schools and social service agencies to the need for greater transparency between our schools and social service agencies.  Other coverage can be found here: New York Times, People magazine, and the BBC.

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